Scheduling has never been this easy

TimetableTool is an all-in-one scheduling software

Many different kind of activities can be scheduled using TimetableTool.
TimetableTool uses the availability of people and resources.
Whether it is for room reservations, teaching schedules, 10-minute interviews, doctor's appointment, exams or meetings

  1. • Completely webbased
  2. • Directly in your calendar
  3. • Change detection and alert
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TimetableTool for

  1. Roostertool/timetabletool Schools


    TimetableTool has multiple functions for different types of education (e.g. primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities).
  2. Roostertool/timetabletool bedrijven/companies


    Easily create room reservations and schedule meetings. Plan the use of parking spaces and other resources.


  1. +
    Online service - Fast and reliable
  2. +
    Scheduling per 5 minutes
  3. +
    User groups with an own login
  4. +
    Users can choose periods themselves
  5. +
    App & email alert if schedule changes
  6. +
    Using ical to Outlook & Calendar
  7. +
    Each resource its own schedule
  8. +
    Reservations made directly
  9. +
    Multi-user system
  10. +
    Make schedules up to 2 years ahead
  11. +
    Pre-capture periods (e.g. lesson times)
  12. +
    Optimization to your needs
Watch the demo! →
Scheduling has never been this easy


  1. 1 on 1 Scheduling TimetableTool

    1 on 1 Scheduling

    E.g. Create an appointment with a specifiv teacher or make an appointment with the dentist.
  2. 1 op meer planning Roostertool

    Scheduling using availability

    E.g. Plan during the available hours of a teacher, or make an appointment with a doctor but it doesn't matter which doctor is available.
  3. Voordeel 1 Roostertool

    Schedules for groups

    E.g. Plan a group based on the available classrooms, teachers, facilities, etc.
  4. Voordeel 1 Roostertool

    Schedule multiple weeks

    E.g. Plan a meeting every Monday at 11 am for the next six weeks, or schedule a lesson at a set time in a semester.

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